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Beneath the glittering surface of the world of racing, gambling, sales and breeding, there has always existed an underbelly of corruption, violence and sharp practice.  In the rarefied atmosphere of wealth and privilege that is the bloodstock industry, the perpetrators are often highly respectable, well-connected members of society. But, with vast sums of money at stake, and disgrace inevitably following upon exposure, they may also be utterly ruthless.  Many of the scams and schemes involve interfering with the star performers, the horses, so it is not surprising that veterinarians frequently find themselves - usually, but not always, unwittingly - caught at the murky interface between no-expenses-spared glamour and no-holds-barred greed.  

This always exciting and sometimes dangerous setting provides a rich vein of plots for thrillers for insiders like veterinarian, Rory McCormac, who know how to mine it.

Rory McCormac set his first thrillers against the background of the bloodstock industry, a world with which he was intimately familiar, being, at one stage, Head Veterinarian at the Stud Section of the Royal Stables of Oman.  As a veterinary surgeon, he has practiced under his real name, Maurice O'Scanaill, in places as diverse as Connemara on Ireland's West coast, with its formidable bogs, bays and bens, on Malta, the Mediterranean island steeped in sun and history, and also in the baking deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. His past patients include a Noah’s Ark of species from all kinds of domesticated animals and pets to the fabled Arabian horse, from the reintroduced White Oryx of Oman’s High Desert to the endangered Arabian Leopard that clings on, in fragile numbers, in barely accessible ravines and clefts of the mountains of Arabia. 


And as if that wasn’t enough, he has been setting cryptic crosswords at professionally for nearly thirty years under the name Procrustes.  He has also written a book on how to solve cryptic clues, the cryptic title of which is ‘Tart With No Hair Is A Ride (7).’  In addition, he founded, edited, published and was principal contributor to The Waiting Room Magazine.  

His thrillers were first published by Random House.








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