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When I graduated from University College Dublin in 1971, I wanted to go to Africa to work with wildlife, but my father was a vet and he had other plans, so my longing for wildlife work had to be postponed for almost thirty years.  I spent the next fourteen years working in general practice in Connemara in the west of Ireland, a pretty exotic location in its own right - unless you happen to be from there, in which case it is just totally non-exotic ‘home’.  This was a particularly busy time as the area I covered was huge – in one year I clocked up 68,000 miles in my battered VW Golf – and I had little time for writing, other than compiling the weekly cryptic crossword for the RTE GUIDE, Ireland’s national Radio and TV magazine.  But I was hatching thriller plots in my head – you had to do something during those marathon drives.

I began my wanderings abroad in 1985 when I took a two-year position in the historically rich Mediterranean island of Malta, working with all the food animals of the island. I ended up staying there for nine years.

A brief stint back in Connemara followed and I left for the Sultanate of Oman in January 1995 to take up a position at the Stud Section of The Royal Stables of Oman, in Salalah, capital of the Dhofar region, down near the border with Yemen.  I spent seven and a half magical years there working with the beautiful Arabian horses, a small private zoo and – wildlife at last!! - spending long periods in the timeless Arabian desert, working with the re-introduced White Oryx (different photograph). In my last two years there, I was also the veterinarian responsible for a project for trapping the Arabian Leopard (different photograph), a very rare and - relative to its African cousins – very small, pale leopard; these inhabited remote deep ravines that were only accessible by helicopter. The leopards were being trapped to establish a range of physical and biological parameters and DNA profiles, then released again unharmed, but fitted with tracking collars to enable remote charting of their ranges.



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Leaving Oman in 2002, Alex and I returned to Connemara, and the next ten years were devoted to building up a thriving, modern veterinary practice.  In 2012, I finally hung up my wellington boots and we came back to Malta to the house we’d bought some twenty years before.  Freed of the weighty responsibilities of running a practice, I have been able to resume my second passion, writing thrillers, and the result is my latest book, A Moving Death, a cop thriller set right here in Malta, featuring the steady and even-tempered Inspector Leonard Cassar.

Lucky or What!! My latest book, 'A Moving Death', was scheduled for launch on 17th Nov 2014, and - whaddya know! - this interview miraculously appeared, centrefold, in The Malta Sunday Independent on 16th!!!  


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